Welcome to Worcester Country Club

Golf Traditions and Etiquette

Worcester Country Club is a country club which values its traditional approach to golf. As a result, we ask that all Members and their guests adhere to our expectations for behavior and dress. The Club reserves the right to require any Member or guest to change any article of attire that does not comply with the dress code.

Pace of Play

Pace of play is very important at Worcester and as such, you should strive to complete a round of golf in 4 hours or less.

General Dress Code

Members, families of Members, visitors and guests of Members are required to observe the following dress codes. No denim clothing of any style is allowed on any Club property. Shoes must be worn in the Clubhouse at all times. Members will be held accountable for the compliance of their families, visitors and guests.

Golf Footwear

Golf shoes with metal spikes are prohibited. Spikeless golf shoes are allowed in the dining rooms and all Clubhouse areas except the Club Room (Living Room).

Golf attire for men

Denim jeans, t-shirts and cargo - type shorts and pants are not proper attire for men anywhere at the Club. Slacks, Bermuda shorts that do not exceed 3" above the knee, and golf shirts with a collar and sleeve are required. In cooler weather, longsleeved mock turtlenecks are acceptable. Men must remove sports hats, caps and visors in the Clubhouse except in the locker room. Hats are never to be worn backwards and men’s shirts, regardless of the fashion, are to be tucked in.

Golf attire for women

Golf shirts with a collar, golf shirts without a collar but with sleeves, high neck golf shirts without a collar or sleeves, skirts, slacks, skorts, capris and Bermuda shorts that do not exceed 3 " above the knee.

Clubhouse Dress Code

WCC depends on its Members and guests to dress in good taste. Members must ensure that their guests are well aware of the Club’s dress code:

  • Golf attire as set forth above is allowed in the Clubhouse and informal dining areas.
  • Bathing attire is not allowed in any area but the swimming pool grounds.
  • The above dress code does not apply to infants and toddlers aged 3 and younger.

Locker Rooms

A locker may be set up for you during your visit to the Club. Changing into golf shoes and attire in the parking lot is frowned upon.

Cellular Phones/Mobile Communication Devices

Audible communication devices such as cellular phones (where conversation occurs and could disturb others) are permitted only in the parking lot, clubhouse locker rooms or within the confines of the fenced pool area. Cellular phones may be used to communicate silently (such as surfing the web or answering emails) anywhere within Club grounds. Laptop computers may be used at the Club for meeting presentations only with the expressed permission of the General Manager or his/her designee. Electronic communications violations expose the WCC Member to the loss of Club privileges.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in the Clubhouse and tent area with the exception of the Ladies’ Locker Room and the Men’s Locker Room.


Request Information

If you are interested in information about membership at Worcester Country Club please contact our General Manager, Bill Shaw,
at (508) 853-8064 or
send email to: shawb@worcestercc.org